What is entropion?

Ectropion occurs when eyelid, usually lower lid turns in and results in eye lashes rubbing the eye.  Patients may report irritation, tearing but more importantly eyelashes rubbing the eye may damage cornea and result in corneal scar and decreased vision.

What causes entropion?

Entropion may be congenital (since birth) but more commonly is caused by age related degenerative changes in eyelid, when eyelid tissue loses elasticity and stretches, but eyelid muscle turns loose eyelid in.  Other less common causes of entropion may be chemical damage or eye infections such as trachoma.

How is entropion treated?

Treatment of entropion is usually surgical.  The tendon is tightened and sutures are used to turn eyelid out causing the lid to lie properly on the eye.

Prior to surgery, using artificial tears or gel to lubricate the eye may help symptoms and improve corneal health.  It is important to use gel or thicker eye drops at bed time.  Avoid rubbing the eyes, however pulling down and out can at times result in lid turning temporarily back to a normal position.